Hotel Slezan - Bruntl, Jesenky

50g Ham roll with horseradish cream 40,00 K
100g Cheese platter with seasonal vegetables 50,00 K
100g Sausage platter with seasonal vegetables 65,00 K
100g Toast with spicy chicken 49,00 K
100g Toast with liver 60,00 K

Warm Starters

0,25l Garlic Soup with Ham and Egg 29,00 K
0,25l Hun soap with noodles 29,00 K


350g Pancake stuffed with chicken mixture and topped with cheese 119,00 K
150g Chicken steak with vegetables 99,00 K
150g Grilled chicken chunks with fresh vegetables 109,00 K

150g Pork steak with grilled vegetables 119,00 K
150g Pork chop with mushroom sauce 119,00 K
150g Fried pork cutlet 99,00 K
500g Gegrillte Rippen 139,00 K



Vegetarian Meals
140g Fried cheese 69,00 K
300g Risotto with vegetables and cheese 79,00 K
150g Spinach with potato dumplings and fried egg 89,00 K
200g Baked cauliflower with cheese and vegetables 69,00 K
140g Fried Camembert 69,00 K

250g Vegetable salad with Balkan cheese 79,00 K
110g Tomato salad 25,00 K
250g Greek salad (vegetables, olives, feta cheese) 79,00 K

100g Hot raspberries and whipped cream 75,00 K
90g Crape with Fruit 65,00 K
70g Apple pie 40,00 K
100 Cotagge cheese dumplings with fruit m 89,00 K

80g Tartare Sauce 10,00 K
80g Ketchup 10,00 K

150g Chips 24,00 K
150g Potato ducats 25,00 K
200g Boiled potatoes 20,00 K
200g Potato puree 25,00 K
150g Rise 18,00 K
4ks Potato Pancakes 29,00 K
150g Potatoes in Jackets 25,00 K
150g Stewed Rice, Curry, with Mushrooms 20,00 K
150g Curry rice 19,00 K
150g Rice with mushrooms 19,00 K
150g Rice with ham 28,00 K
200g Pasta 20,00 K
150g Stewed Vegetable 45,00 K
1ks Fried egg 8,00 K
1ks Bakery products 4,00 K
1ks Toast 10,00 K
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  • Hotel SLEZAN a.s.
    Revolun 20, Bruntl, Czech republic
    Tel: +420 554 711 907, Fax: +420 554 711 907, E-mail: Write to us
    I: 25368575, DI: CZ25368575, registration: KS Ostrava B 1520
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